Available Historic Organ

This instrument is an excellent specimen from America's first golden age of organbuilding. The organ is partially set up in a corner of our shop and awaits restoration. We offer this remarkable little gem of an instrument for sale to a suitable home.

The mechanism is beautifully crafted and fully intact except for minor (and easily reversed) changes to the wind system. The pipework is in excellent condition and needs little more than cleaning. The casework has suffered more significant damage and alteration, but is fully restorable.

The casework has a fake-grained finish. Because of the casework damage, we are happy to work with a client to create a new finish that is suitable to both the instrument and any new installation.

We are also willing to add a new, silent blower to supply wind, but believe this instrument to be too special (and too intact) to consider any other changes or additions.

1860 Henry Erben



56 notes: C-g'''

Fully Enclosed

8 Open Diapason
  (Bass/Treble) 8 Stopped Diapason
(Treble) 8 Dulciana

(Treble) 8 Gamba

4 Principal
2 Flageolet


20 notes:  C-g

pull-down coupler



Hitch-down swell pedal

Ventil pedal controlling:

Gamba, Principal, and 2'

Fake-grained pine casework

11' tall  8' wide  4' 6" deep

Inset keydesk and

pedalboard of walnut

Ivory and Ebony manual

keyboard and drawknobs

Sliding doors to cover keydesk