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Ronald Wahl was born in 1946 and apprenticed in organ building in 1966 with Kurt Roderer in Evanston, Illinois while completing an electrical engineering degree at Northwestern University.

The precursor company, Ronald Wahl – Organbuilder, was formed in January 1973 at the invitation of organ professor Miriam C. Duncan to move to Appleton. The largest Ronald Wahl organ, at Appleton's First English Lutheran Church, was built in 1979. This instrument remains the largest mechanical action organ built in Wisconsin in the 20th century.

His special interests are the history and mathematics of organ pipe scaling. He has developed a new method of Numerous Norm-measures which allows all families of organ pipes (flute principal string reed) each with unique norm-measures to be analyzed and designed in a single integrated mathematical system.


Christoph Wahl was born in 1978. He spent childhood and college summers working and traveling with Alan Miller Laufman of the Organ Clearing House. These summers allowed him to study and document many 19th century instruments and work with other organbuilders. He joined his father to form Wahl Organbuilders in the spring of 1999 where he is responsible for most woodworking tasks.

Christoph was the recipient of an E. Power Biggs fellowship in 1991 and is an active member of the Organ Historical Society. Other interests include audio recording and the technological history of the 19th century organ.

Read Christoph's interview in the March 2012 issue of Fox Cities Magazine.

Wahl Organbuilders is a member of the International Society of Organbuilders and the American Institute of Organbuilders.