Available Historic Organ

This handsome church organ was built by the New Ulm, Minnesota firm of Vogelpohl & Spaeth in the late 1890s. Constructed of fine materials with no-nonsense craftsmanship, the instrument is typical of the rugged beauty that can be found in the work of German immigrant builders working in the then still-new midwestern farmlands.

The instrument has been stored for many years and is almost entirely intact. Given the minimal amount of work needed to fully restore the instrument, we are offering this fine organ for sale at a very affordable price.

The oak casework can be refinished to match any new environment. Options beyond the basic restoration include restoration of the bellows feeder system, stenciling the facade pipes, and the addition of a 16' Subbass in the pedal.

1890's Vogelpohl & Spaeth


61 notes: C-c''''

Enclosed except for facade

 (G#-f facade)  8 Open Diapason

8 Viol d'Gamba

8 Flute

(C-F facade)  4 Octave


30 notes: C-f'

Pedal coupler

(missing)   Tremolo

Bellows Signal


Balanced swell pedal

Red oak casework

12' tall 7'6" wide 4' deep

(not including keydesk)