Church Organ

Ronald Wahl originally built this fully mechanical organ in 1979. For registrational assistance, the mechical stop action includes (auxillary slider) ventils in each division controlling the compound mutations, mixtures, and reeds. Ventil stops are indicated in color.

In 1991 the church replaced thick absorbent batting with a hard plaster ceiling, carpeting with a new quarry tile floor, and gave the walls fresh coats of paint to reduce sound absorption. The result is an improved acoustical environment that benefits the spoken word as well as choral and organ music. Ronald Wahl then took the opportunity to tonally regulate the instrument to take advantage of improved acoustics that had resulted from this major sanctuary renovation.

Wahl Organbuilders added a 32' Grand Bourdon in 1997.

First English Lutheran Church

Appleton, Wisconsin

16 Bourdon
8 Principal
8 Spillflöte
V Cornet
4 Octave
4 Spitzflöte
2 2/3 Quint
2 Octave
IV Mixture
8 Trumpet
4 Clarion

Swell to Great

8 Principal
8 Gedackt
8 Schwebung
4 Octave
4 Rohrflöte

2 Waldflöte

1 1/3 Larigot
II Sesquialtera
III Rauschpfeife
IV-VI Scharff
16 Fagot
8 Schalmei

32 Grand Bourdon
16 Principal
16 Subbass
8 Octave
8 Gemshorn
4 Choralbass
IV Mixture
16 Posaune
8 Trumpet

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell 8ve to Pedal