Rebuilt Organ

Organbuilders often build new organs for old spaces but in this instance the contrary is the case. This project was a successful result of a productive interaction among the church building committee, the architect, and the organbuilder.

Looking for an organ to fit their budget, Wahl Organbuilders proposed this sizable one-manual organ available through the Organ Clearing House. This organ, built by the Milwaukee builder William Schuelke, was available from a church in Northeast Texas.

The instrument was purchased by the Waunakee congregation before plans for their new building were finalized.  This allowed all parties to communicate and resolve the details of  the various needs of the music program, acoustics, and placement of the instrument.  This arrangement allowed the instrument to be procured at minimal expense and energy.

Waunakee is at least the fourth home to this much traveled instrument.  During those moves the organ experienced many alterations.  Our rebuilding of the instrument included a complete reconstruction of the mechanism, including retabling the windchest and building a new windsystem to replace the missing original bellows.  Repair of the pipework was similarly involved.  All of this was accomplished for a fraction of the cost of a new instrument or an electronic substitute.

A church member restored the stenciled facade.  The green and gold colors serve as a nice contrast to the white walls of the contemporary sanctuary and uncannily recall the coloration of the farm fields visible through the church's large windows during the summer.

First Presbyterian Church

Waunakee, Wisconsin

c1890 Schuelke Organ

16 Bourdon (tc)
8 Open Diapason
8 Stopped Diapason
8 Gamba
8 Dolce

4 Octave
4 Flute
2 Fifteenth
III Mixture

16 Subbass
8 Cello

Great to Pedal