Wahl Organbuilders, a family-run workshop, is half way through its second decade dedicated to building fine musical instruments. Regardless of the size of the project, our shop is well positioned to fulfill your desire for a pipe organ in an imaginative manner.

We create modern instruments that will delight the sensitive musician over the long term. We combine classical construction methods with disciplined design work for an excellent – and new – result. An efficient and well-organized shop work assures that this quality is affordable.


             One two-stop practice instrument is partially constructed

             and available for prompt delivery and client customization.

             Please see a Modular Movable Organ for details.

             Selections from the Inaugural Recital of our twenty-stop

             instrument for Chicago can be heard here.  A new CD by

             Rhonda Sider Edgington of the Wahl instrument can be

             purchased here.

             Please see the Current page for information regarding our

             4 manuals and pedal - 55 stops, rebuilding and expansion

             project for the Fond du Lac Learning Center.


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