Practice Organ

Batavia - Richardson

Modular Movable Organs

We usually believe that pipes organs are permanent works of art which are unlikely to be changed or moved.  While this is mostly but not completely true of larger instruments, it is remarkably inaccurate with smaller instruments in our contemporary musical environment.

Wahl Organbuilders has made a specialty of small practice instruments with a special feature:  a unique design with allows easy and prompt assembly, disassembly, and efficient movement.  This becomes quite a benefit to our clients with low cost of movement of an instrument.

Three instruments of this first series of two-stop practice instruments, Batavia, IL Boston, Massachusetts, and Richarson, TX, have already within a decade been in a truck ten times, three for Batavia, two for Boston, and five for Richardson, as their multiple owners have moved from position to position and city to city.  The fourth organ is currently for sale and soon likely to move as well.

Our design is intelligently modular with minimal disassembly of the organ during manufacture and each assembly, disassembly, and packing.  An additional benefit is that setup and action adjustment becomes non-existent or minimal for each move.

This efficiency is accomplished by dividing the organ logically in thirds rather than a more typical half or total disassembly.  Here the bottom third contains the wind system and pedal action, the middle third contains the windchest, manual key action and couplers, and the top third includes the pipes and casework.

While these ideas for building efficiency have the most benefit for smaller instruments, Wahl Organbuilders applies them consistently to all our projects to increase the value while reducing the cost for our clients.

Based on this sucessful design, Wahl Organbuilders has constructed a second and third series of two-stop practice organs.

Neenah - Boston

Two-Stop Practice Organ

first series

Series of Four Organs for

  private residences in:

Neenah, WI
Batavia, IL
Boston, MA

Richardson, TX

Manual I
8 Open (wood)

Manual II
8 Gedact

Coupled from Manual I

(manual stops share a common bass)

Key compass: 58/30

Dimensions: 94 " h, 51" w, 26" d
(excluding keyboards and pedalboard)