Practice Organs



                                                 Raleigh - Gaithersburg

Wahl Organbuilders has designed a new series of practice organs. This series is an enpanded version of our two-stop design, including full length independent bass octaves and additional couplers.

The instrument is a two-manual organ of two fully independent stops, one open and one stopped. The mechanism is simple and compact, designed for consistent and excellent service. The keydesk is built to modern standards with piano-scale keys that overhang each other and the pedals in a familiar manner. The entire instrument is contained in a hardwood casework without facade pipes. This results in a handsome but secure instrument that is less susceptible to damage; an instrument that is equally at home in a small apartment or a conservatory of music.

The construction of this instrument has features of special note, a modular design and a special coupling mechanism. The manuals can be coupled in either direction, allowing the simulation of different keyboard hierarchies such as Choir/Great versus Great/Swell. An additional octave coupler to the Pedal allows fuller pedal registrations or a 4' cantus firmus line.

Options include:

  • Quartersawn white ash casework with modest ornamentation is standard. Custom casework and other hardwood species are available.
  • Choice of pedalboard: concave, parallel (modified BDO) is standard. Flat or concave, radiating (modified AGO) pedalboards are available.


                                                  Curtis Institute

Two-Stop Practice Organ

third series

Series of Four Organs

Curtis Institute of Music

Philadelphia, PA

Private residences in:

Raleigh, NC

Gaithersburg, MD

Interlochen - Center for the Arts

Interlochen, MI


Manual I
8 Principal

II-I Coupler

Manual II
8 Gedact

I-II Coupler

I-Pedal Coupler

I 8ve-Pedal Coupler

II-Pedal Coupler


Key compass: 58/30

Dimensions: 95" h, 54" w, 32" d
(excluding keyboards and pedalboard)


Construction Photos 4

Construction Photos 3

Construction Photos 2

Construction Photos 1