Practice Organs

Batavia - Richardson

This small instrument provides the basic resources needed for detailed practice of the organ literature. Its dimensions allow free placement of the instrument in a home, apartment, or small studio, needing the same basic footprint as an upright piano. The organ fits easily under an 8' ceiling.

The key action, winding, and voicing are especially sensitive to the player to promote good technique and performance acuity. The scaling and voicing of the pipework is designed for a tone quality which is responsive yet chamber-oriented to allow for hours of work without aural fatigue.

Since small instruments move as frequently as their owners, the unique design keeps the action in adjustment during a relocation. All four of this series have moved at least once and the fourth instrument has moved twice.  Our modular design allows quick installation, typically taking only a few hours. Built-in wheels allow organ placement against a wall while enabling easy access to the back of the instrument.

Based on this sucessful design, Wahl Organbuilders has constructed a second and third series of two-stop practice organs.

Rochester - Boston

Two-Stop Practice Organ

first series

Series of Four Organs for

  private residences in:

Penfield (Rochester), New York

originally Neenah, Wisconsin

Batavia, Illinois

originally Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin

Boston, Massachusetts

originally New York City, New York

Richardson (Dallas), Texas

originally Ann Arbor, Michigan


Manual I
8 Open (wood)

Manual II
8 Gedact

Coupled from Manual I

(manual stops share a common bass)

Key compass: 58/30

Dimensions: 94 " h, 51" w, 26" d
(excluding keyboards and pedalboard)